“All Together Now” – Better Than Ezra (BTE)


  1. Crazy Lucky – the “hit single”. When I saw this stated on the album cover I had to laugh out loud because apparently I’m not sure what definition of “hit single” is these days. Anyhow, this is a silly and fun, listenable tune.
  2. Gonna Get Better – the serious song; a story of a struggling friend. There are usually just one or two serious songs on a Better Than Ezra album dealing with substance abuse, strained relationships, etc… so there you go. This one is very traditional BTE with great vocals, and driving rock-style guitar and drums beneath.
  3. Undeniable – see comments on Least Favorite Song in the full review. I have not yet felt compelled to make myself listen to the whole thing.
  4. Insane – again one of my least favorites. Not as bad as #3; but really that’s all I have to say.
  5. Sunflowers – this actually was my favorite! A fun song that will get you rockin’ in the driver’s seat – refer to my comments for favorite song above.
  6. The Great Unknown – this is my very close “second favorite”.  The heartfelt chorus will have you singing along, and feeling connected to your freest self.  Still fun but thoughtful at the same time.
  7. Before You – this is a beautiful song. Simple lyrics, thoughtful vocal harmonies, and piano accompaniment. There is usually one of these on every BTE album, if you are a BTE fan I would compare this to “Under You”, “Everything in 2s”, and “Daylight”, etc… First-dance-at-a-wedding material. You will be singing along before it is over!
  8. Dollar $ign – This might be good enough lighthearted fun, but I find the literal “dollar sign character “$” in the title and the cheesy lyrics a little annoying.
  9. One Heart Beating – This was kind of a surprise, because I found the overall style and call-and-response approach to the chorus for this to be reminiscent of Coldplay. It would probably be great to hear live, in a huge arena with tons of people singing along.
  10. Diamond in my Pocket – This is old skool BTE. Imagine sitting around with your friends and a crappy guitar just playing fun songs in a kind of raw way. Lots of New Orleans references in here too, which is very BTE. A little bit silly of course, but not bad, not bad at all.
  11. I Fly Away – This one has sort of a Celtic feel – imagine that you’re running through the hills of the highlands chanting the chorus. In this case, the chorus of “Hey ma mama, away-o” is actually another music history reference to “Life in a Northern Town” by Dream Academy. I like it.

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One response to ““All Together Now” – Better Than Ezra (BTE)

  1. Yay Hannie! I’m so looking forward to reading your music reviews. Lately I find I’ll just listen to whatever I find on the radio, which can be fun, but can also mean you never “discover” anything new. That being said if you haven’t checked out the new T. Swift you should. My favorite track is “Bad Blood”. And for something a Lille older, I really enjoyed Sara Watkins’ solo albumn from last year.
    Happy Listening!


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