Two Weeks In…

… and I’m already falling behind in my New Year Resolution to post a music review every Tuesday!  I had to take a little more time with “Hypnotic Eye” because 1) this is Tom Petty; 2) this has already been a crazy week, and; 3) this is Tom Petty.  

I am 100% sure that everybody already has an opinion about this album – if they care at all – so I have prepared myself for some respectful disagreements (in the unlikely event that I receive many reader comments).  Rather than stall forever in an effort to make this as detailed and perfect as possible, I’m just going for it.  I hope you don’t mind the delay; I hope you enjoy the writeup; and I hope you check out the album yourself!

Have a wonderful week, and may your New Year Resolutions fare better than mine thus far!


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