Another Challenging Review

I know I have some NMH fan-friends that will be appalled at my attempt to review this album.  I lack the cultural vocabulary of the 90s to make any relevant comparisons; and my knowledge of any music “scene” is average at best. I was never any good at evaluating detailed lyrics or poetry – I barely made it through courses on Modern Poetry and Traditional French Poetry in college!

With that said, in these reviews I do my best to avoid reading anybody else’s impressions or reviews of a particular album or artist, so that my opinion is truly just mine.  I give my views stated from my current perspective (sophisticated or not) and in my own words.  The only research I allow myself for album details is via Amazon, Google Play, Wikipedia and dictionary references (for fact-checking only) and of course random lyrics sites if/as needed in addition to what is provided with the CD liner notes.

And so, although this may be my most strained and awkward review yet, here it is – as promised and with love.


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