Celebrating First Successful Month of RMC!

It is a shame to wrap up my first full month of music reviews with something kind of disappointing, but please check out this week’s Guster review to either 1) completely disagree with me (if you are a huge fan), or 2) do yourself a favor and avoid the latest album!  I couldn’t even think of a clever photo idea for their Evermotion CD, so I snapped an image of the odd Amazon scenario that shows only 10 reviews for a three-week-old release!  Supposedly a picture is worth 1000 words…

Even with the occasional less-than-thrilling album to check out, this past month of RMC has been an excellent experience for me.  I have truly enjoyed the decadent feeling of an abundance of new tunes to savor during my commute, and I have had many wonderful conversations with new contacts and old friends about this project. Mission accomplished!  Just 11 more months to go, and I’m looking forward to the journey.

There is no way I’m parting with my copy of BTE’s “All Together Now”, but to celebrate my first month of RMC I’ll gladly pass along the other five CDs to the first five people who send an email to: contact@rockmycommute.com

Now to get started on my February playlist!


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