“Evermotion” – Guster


  1. Long Night – this song is not remarkably bad.  A good opening song because it is full of anticipation – an eerie march recanting some crazy experience, while promising more adventure to come!  The lyrics are good and the musical style is pretty Gusterly here, with little bells adding interest to the chorus.
  2. Endlessly – This song is slightly more upbeat. It has a new wave kind of feel, which seems a little out of character and unusual these days.  But it’s not bad.
  3. Doin’ It By Myself – This has your basic classic doo-wop chord progression and a slow, dancey rhythm. Things I really didn’t like about this song were 1) uncomfortable lyrics and 2) echoey vocals that didn’t sound intentional but rather poorly produced, and out of tune with one another.
  4. Lazy Love – This has a sixties feel which features lazy falsetto lyrics about luv (somehwat obviously)… there is some decently jangly guitar too between verses, but really nothing special overall.
  5. Simple Machine – This has the return of the horribly echoey vocals, but with more fun new wavey synth sounds and a dancy beat.
  6. Expectation – This song sounds like a poorly finished or undefined thought. Sort of a Sergeant Pepper marijuana haze, slow stream-of-consciousness string of words on a weak melody with some synth again in the background.
  7. Gangway – This feels like something that could be from an old timey musical. The verse that ends with “Gangway” seems almost circus-esque.  They even sing “tra la la la la” which makes the whole song feel even more corny.
  8. Kid Dreams – Musically this is not a bad song, just slow. I wanted more energy and rock from this album, so I was pretty much disappointed with every track that had the same mellowness.  I did not enjoy the lyrics, as they seemed unredeemingly sad.  I wasn’t sure how this song was actually intended to make me feel, even after several listening.
  9. Never Coming Down – I like this song, which is simple and sweet with a Willie Nelson flavor. But the easy campfire feeling means it is nothing new, nothing special. Also it is not particularly well performed – so it is fun to sing along to, but nothing to be impressed by.
  10. It Is Just What It Is – Again, what is with the excessive echo and reverb on the main vocals?! I must be missing something here, because it HAS to be intentional.  Some simple casio-esque keyboards give this an indie feel, which isn’t horrible for an upbeat song. But again I must say nothing really makes me love this.
  11. Farewell – This is a nice piano-filled ballad, with the type of melancholy lyrics you would expect from a song called “Farewell” – “I tried to cheat gravity, what will you do?”  Some of the military drum feeling from the opening track is echoed here, so it gives a nice phrasing to the closure of the album.  A robotic recorded voice finishes with the words “we are free”, then the album is over.

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