Happy Valentine’s Day from RMC

I didn’t realize I’d be reviewing an album by “The Head and the Heart” so close to Valentine’s day, but I have now decided to make things official with a super sweet theme photo on the main post.  There’s nothing wrong with love, in fact it’s all we need – and there’s certainly nothing wrong with loving  yourself enough to check out some new and rewarding music.  I hope you enjoy!

I need to communicate a small change to my format this month – I’m skipping the track-by-track posts for now.  They are very time consuming for me, and they are just not getting the exposure at this point in time to be worth it.  If you have a particular request on a specific album, then I probably have enough information on hand in my notes to share this detail with you – just let me know.  For now you’ll just see the full album reviews and my “news” notes on the blog each Tuesday.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to heartily congratulate my college roommate on being the only person who entered the drawing for January’s CDs, and so she gets to take her pick!  Maybe we’ll get a few more takers next month.  There are some good albums coming up, and I’ll have the February playlist up on Spotify soon to prove it.  Until then, Happy Valentine’s Day, and happy listening.


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