Rested and Hopeful

RMC took an extra-long holiday trip this past weekend, for some much needed R&R.  I am emerging from my vacation-state feeling relaxed, rested, and hopeful for what is coming next!  It will be a busy week at work, but thankfully my little car is well-stocked with exciting music suggested by all of YOU to help me prepare for each crazy new day.  My review of Manu Chao’s 2000 album is a little late, but well-timed for a welcome diversion to the winter blues and the radio blahs.  Please check it out!

In other fun news for this past week, I also received a special Valentine’s Day gift from my most supportive fan – a reminder to stick with the blog and to keep exploring new tunes this year!


I hope that each of you feel rested and inspired this week – there is plenty to do and see, so get out there and GO!


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