In a Mellow Mood

This has been a fun week at RMC.  I started my Facebook page, and finished my Spotify playlist for February!  I also got to check out a friend’s band playing a local show; and managed a few extra minutes listening to vinyl albums around the house – so my entire weekend had a musical focus that kept my spirits high and rocking.

A note about Spotify –Since February is super short, I had to add more of my own favorites to this month’s playlist.  I noticed that most of the CDs I’ve been listening to lately have been extra-mellow, so in keeping with the theme I chose some subtler songs by artists you’ve probably heard before:  Townes Van Zant, Jackson Browne, Mindy Smith, and CSN.

Please enjoy on “shuffle” mode for best effect!  And don’t worry; I’ll make sure that the March playlist has a little more edge.




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