Another Month, Another Giveaway – AND T-Shirts!

UPDATE: To make sure I see your February CD drawing entry this week, try sharing a blog post from my facebook site (, OR you can comment on my blog, OR you can send an email to:  Thanks – sorry for the confusion while I figure this all out!


February always flies by so fast, and at RMC this February was no exception.  Somehow I always found just enough time to jot down my thoughts about each week’s CD, as one day rolled into the next and things felt busier and busier… Happily this month’s music selections were mostly AWESOME!  So, I have four great CDs to give away: Milky Chance, Manu Chao, Head and the Heart, and Guster.

I also now have RMC t-shirts available!  They’re a lovely gray with a white logo; $10 each in S/M/L/XL.

To win a CD, just share your favorite RMC album review on your facebook page!  I’ll announce the winners on the RMC facebook page too.  I’m trying this for the first time, so we’ll see if this works better than last month’s email fiasco.  To order a t-shirt, send me a note with your details (size and address) and we can arrange payment (amazon bucks, paypal, old-fashioned check or hopefully – swap for a new CD!):

Thanks so much for showing support for this project, and for keeping it going with your music suggestions.


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