Daylight Again

I hate to even mention Daylight Savings Time, but something was making me feel a little chaotic this week. I hope you don’t mind me taking an extra day to get organized before posting my Other Lives review!

Also, I know totally botched the execution of this month’s “drawing”/contest for the February CDs, which is horribly unfair.  I knew I could easily  track my Facebook shares from the blog, but it is hard to find out who is actually sharing – so I’ll be running any giveways directly from going forward.  Be sure to “like” my page, so we can stay in touch!

The extra hour of sunlight and nearly 60-degree weather on the home commute is helping me to feel energetic and whole again – I’m looking forward to popping a new CD in the Prius tomorrow and getting back to work.  Have a wonderful week!


P.S.  Thank you Libby, Jo, Bill, Ginger, and Lydia for being faithful readers and supporters.  You’ll each be getting a CD in the mail from me soon!

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