Special Feature for Friday!

“Disco Cowboy” – by Without A Net


Disco Cowboy is a new release by the Hudson Valley’s very own Without A Net (let’s call them WAN).  Usually a classic rock cover band, WAN has been writing original songs, warming up the keyboard, and rehearsing guitar solos to bring you this colorful mini-album.  With just seven tracks, “Disco Cowboy” presents a style variety ranging from funk guitar to rap.

Fun wah pedals, an upbeat 60s feel and catchy lyrics make “Disco Cowboy” the right choice for the opening/title track – you might even sing along!  Phrases like “with the boys in the band, we work the hits of man” demonstrate that WAN don’t take themselves too seriously to have fun.  After all, there’s nothing wrong with being a popular cover band that specializes in classic rock with a particular inclination towards the Grateful Dead.  This song ends with a referee whistle refrain that has been known to turn into an audience participation moment at their events.

If you get the chance to see this band perform live, I’m sure you’ll enjoy yourself.  While their sound is not particularly innovative and their catalogue is mostly covers, there is something for everyone to tap their toe along to.  The drummer keeps things tightly together, the bass is loud enough to give the songs some soul, and the guitar solos are awesome.

WAN is fronted by their very own disco cowboy.  Frank is one of the primary songwriters, and also lead vocalist and keyboard player.  He throws a lot of energy into each performance, with a voice that is sometimes reminiscent of Roger Daltrey. I’m not sure if he is the founder of the band, but he is certainly becoming the recognizable mascot – he earned the disco cowboy moniker at his work, for being a free spirit willing to flaunt his own style in the sea of financial industry fashion.

Getting back to the album, I’ll say that “Hard to Understand” is my favorite song here. It has the 60s organ sound à la the Zombies, but also the vein of more raw early Beatles hits, and with a little more twang.  “Overtime” is smooth and sassy; it could be loosely influenced by Steely Dan and even includes some female backing vox to complete the sound.  The jazzy guitar steals the show on this track!

“Peggy O” is a slow and sweet love song – the melody is reminiscent of Townes Van Zandt, Cat Stephens, or Bob Dylan, with additional female vocals providing call-and-response style singing.  It is traditional and pleasant, although the mixing on the CD doesn’t do it justice – would probably sound better in person at a show.  And for track #5 it seems that that “Cold, Rain and Snow” is more than just a good song title – but also great number with a grainy, Clapton feel.

The album also features bonus versions of Disco Cowboy (the rap, as performed live by Frank; and an extended version).  As a special treat, you can catch WAN this Saturday, at Tenapa restaurant in Croton, NY.  You can easily check out their album online – then go see the show!  Disco Cowboy is available for free on Reverbnation, but for $8 you can order the CD and show some support.  Have a great weekend!

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One response to “Special Feature for Friday!

  1. Hi – great review – I’m a big fan of the band and they are a lot of fun to see live. One correction – the lyric is: “With the boys in the band, we rock the hinterland ..” Hinterland is a German word meaning the “the Land Behind.” Agree is a fun and self-describing lyric since its followed by “with the funky, funky blues..” Frank is a true artist and Disco Cowboy is his anthem. Nice job.


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