An End to a Mellow March

March was full of milder music for me – my commute actually wasn’t very rocking, on most days! I covered three artists suggested by EarToTheGround Music, and they focus mostly on indie folk, bluegrass, acoustic, and country-esque genres. Throw in some Other Lives, and Mandolin Orange; and the overall melange is still pretty chill. Sure, I added Beck to the mix – but his album Morning Phase is gentle even in it’s wildest moments! When I put my favorite tracks together for the March Spotify Playlist I was pleasantly surprised by the resulting ebb and flow of one great song into the next – even if the music didn’t tempt me to whip my hair around or play air guitar at a stoplight. Sometimes, mellow is exactly what you need!

Please check out my most recent Playlist on Spotify here:  – I even added two tracks from an old favorite band for your enjoyment. Also please read my review of Carter Sampson’s new EP. I highly recommend that you check out her earlier releases also – they’re excellent!

Finally, if you comment on my blog or “like” my Carter Sampson post on Facebook, I’ll try to send you one of the CDs that I have kicking around. Thanks for sticking with me for another month!


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