Getting Back on Track!

I took last Tuesday off for a little “me” time – I really needed a break from everything!  But now I’m back, ready to rock and roll with plenty of new CDs and suggestions to review.  The partnership with EarToTheGround Music is going really well, and I love hearing the awesome new artists they are sending my way.  Check out their website, since they publish a brand-new music review by one of their authors every day of the week!

In terms of the content here at RMC, I want to get a little more organized.  Here is what I’m thinking:

  • Monday Night Music Reviews – on the blog
  • Wednesday Night Music Topics – on Facebook and Twitter
  • Friday Whenever – Weekend kickoff with a fun song suggestion, and other website updates in “what’s going on”, CD giveaways, Spotify playlist updates, etc…

Let’s see how this goes!

Finally – thanks to those of you who gave me a “like” on FB directly (or indirectly) for the Carter Sampson piece.  Ruth and Naomi will get a CD from my collection as soon as I can get the envelopes together.  I appreciate all of the support!



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