Pathetic Excuses and a Mini-Review

Why I don’t have much to share this week – by Hannah


So I know I owe you a music review or two (I have also been slacking at the giveaways and playlists) – but I was distracted this past weekend with a trip to the D, where I got this great shirt and a suggestion for a future review.

In the meantime, are you listening to Beck’s new single, “Dreams”?  It was released in June, but just hit radio play in the past 2 weeks.  Funky and techy and edgy and fun – it is exactly what you want, and even better than you think it would be.

I will have something for you soon – I actually have several great CDs and a few new artists in the mix right now. I just need to pick something and start writing!  Have a great week.


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