In a Mellow Mood

This has been a fun week at RMC.  I started my Facebook page, and finished my Spotify playlist for February!  I also got to check out a friend’s band playing a local show; and managed a few extra minutes listening to vinyl albums around the house – so my entire weekend had a musical focus that kept my spirits high and rocking.

A note about Spotify –Since February is super short, I had to add more of my own favorites to this month’s playlist.  I noticed that most of the CDs I’ve been listening to lately have been extra-mellow, so in keeping with the theme I chose some subtler songs by artists you’ve probably heard before:  Townes Van Zant, Jackson Browne, Mindy Smith, and CSN.

Please enjoy on “shuffle” mode for best effect!  And don’t worry; I’ll make sure that the March playlist has a little more edge.




Rested and Hopeful

RMC took an extra-long holiday trip this past weekend, for some much needed R&R.  I am emerging from my vacation-state feeling relaxed, rested, and hopeful for what is coming next!  It will be a busy week at work, but thankfully my little car is well-stocked with exciting music suggested by all of YOU to help me prepare for each crazy new day.  My review of Manu Chao’s 2000 album is a little late, but well-timed for a welcome diversion to the winter blues and the radio blahs.  Please check it out!

In other fun news for this past week, I also received a special Valentine’s Day gift from my most supportive fan – a reminder to stick with the blog and to keep exploring new tunes this year!


I hope that each of you feel rested and inspired this week – there is plenty to do and see, so get out there and GO!


Happy Valentine’s Day from RMC

I didn’t realize I’d be reviewing an album by “The Head and the Heart” so close to Valentine’s day, but I have now decided to make things official with a super sweet theme photo on the main post.  There’s nothing wrong with love, in fact it’s all we need – and there’s certainly nothing wrong with loving  yourself enough to check out some new and rewarding music.  I hope you enjoy!

I need to communicate a small change to my format this month – I’m skipping the track-by-track posts for now.  They are very time consuming for me, and they are just not getting the exposure at this point in time to be worth it.  If you have a particular request on a specific album, then I probably have enough information on hand in my notes to share this detail with you – just let me know.  For now you’ll just see the full album reviews and my “news” notes on the blog each Tuesday.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to heartily congratulate my college roommate on being the only person who entered the drawing for January’s CDs, and so she gets to take her pick!  Maybe we’ll get a few more takers next month.  There are some good albums coming up, and I’ll have the February playlist up on Spotify soon to prove it.  Until then, Happy Valentine’s Day, and happy listening.


Celebrating First Successful Month of RMC!

It is a shame to wrap up my first full month of music reviews with something kind of disappointing, but please check out this week’s Guster review to either 1) completely disagree with me (if you are a huge fan), or 2) do yourself a favor and avoid the latest album!  I couldn’t even think of a clever photo idea for their Evermotion CD, so I snapped an image of the odd Amazon scenario that shows only 10 reviews for a three-week-old release!  Supposedly a picture is worth 1000 words…

Even with the occasional less-than-thrilling album to check out, this past month of RMC has been an excellent experience for me.  I have truly enjoyed the decadent feeling of an abundance of new tunes to savor during my commute, and I have had many wonderful conversations with new contacts and old friends about this project. Mission accomplished!  Just 11 more months to go, and I’m looking forward to the journey.

There is no way I’m parting with my copy of BTE’s “All Together Now”, but to celebrate my first month of RMC I’ll gladly pass along the other five CDs to the first five people who send an email to:

Now to get started on my February playlist!


Another Challenging Review

I know I have some NMH fan-friends that will be appalled at my attempt to review this album.  I lack the cultural vocabulary of the 90s to make any relevant comparisons; and my knowledge of any music “scene” is average at best. I was never any good at evaluating detailed lyrics or poetry – I barely made it through courses on Modern Poetry and Traditional French Poetry in college!

With that said, in these reviews I do my best to avoid reading anybody else’s impressions or reviews of a particular album or artist, so that my opinion is truly just mine.  I give my views stated from my current perspective (sophisticated or not) and in my own words.  The only research I allow myself for album details is via Amazon, Google Play, Wikipedia and dictionary references (for fact-checking only) and of course random lyrics sites if/as needed in addition to what is provided with the CD liner notes.

And so, although this may be my most strained and awkward review yet, here it is – as promised and with love.


Taking Suggestions to Heart

This week I’m sharing my first review of an album suggested by a reader, hooray! From here on out, I’m hoping that the CDs stacked in my car will be suggested by you, family and friends.  Please keep the recommendations coming!

Other suggestions that I have been able to incorporate include 1) the addition of preview links (from the first week), and now 2) the introduction of a RockMyCommute PLAYLIST!  I’m super-excited to share this with you via Spotify.

My plan is that these monthly playlists will include my two favorite songs from each album reviewed that month, as well as a few of my own suggestions.  Listen on “shuffle” mode, and enjoy! 


Two Weeks In…

… and I’m already falling behind in my New Year Resolution to post a music review every Tuesday!  I had to take a little more time with “Hypnotic Eye” because 1) this is Tom Petty; 2) this has already been a crazy week, and; 3) this is Tom Petty.  

I am 100% sure that everybody already has an opinion about this album – if they care at all – so I have prepared myself for some respectful disagreements (in the unlikely event that I receive many reader comments).  Rather than stall forever in an effort to make this as detailed and perfect as possible, I’m just going for it.  I hope you don’t mind the delay; I hope you enjoy the writeup; and I hope you check out the album yourself!

Have a wonderful week, and may your New Year Resolutions fare better than mine thus far!


Happy New Year from RMC!

A New Year, A New Logo

RMC v1

It took a little longer than I expected, but now my fresh new logo is ready in time for my 2nd music review.  I’m thrilled with the resulting image of my little commuter car, floating away on the wings of ROCK!

I received a lot of great feedback from my first review – a heartfelt thanks to everybody who took the time to read my work and provide me with such helpful suggestions.  I’ve added some links so you can more easily preview and purchase the music, and hopefully soon I’ll have a playlist feature that will be even easier to share.

Check out this week’s review of “The Both” by Aimee Mann and Ted Leo (under Album Reviews), and please keep the recommendations coming!

Happy, Happy New Year 2015.


Preview Post – Giving this whole thing a try!

Hello everyone,

Although I’m not planning to take my weekly blog project fully live until January, I wanted to give you all a preview of how this might work.  Please take a peek at my review of Better Than Ezra’s newest album – “All Together Now” (under Album Reviews).  Check out the detailed track-by-track comments, too!

I plan to add a feature that will enter you in a drawing for the CD for each review (when you leave your new music suggestions in the comments), but I’m still working on making that happen!  In the meantime I welcome all feedback and suggestions – I’m hoping this will be a great experience, and I’m looking forward to lots of new music in 2015.

I hope you enjoy my review of “All Together Now”!